Happy New Year From TapeSwell

We would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year, full of happiness, good health, love, family and friends.

And stick with us in the new year, we have many surprises in store. :)

All the best,

The TapeSwell Team

Holiday Ideas from TapeSwell Fans

We get very excited when TapeSwell fans send us photos of their ideas using decorative packing tape and mailing labels. Here's our favorite ones - they will be receiving a holiday gift from TapeSwell. Send your ideas to tackyideas@tapeswell.com for a chance to get TapeSwell gift.
  • These beautiful holiday cards were handmade by Marija, in New Hampshire.

  • And here is how Lara in Texas is using TapeSwell's Holiday Labels and handmade leather ornaments to wrap her presents this year. 

And The TapeSwell Holiday Giveaway Winners are....

First, let us say a big THANKS to all of you who participated. It was amazing to read your ideas and we promise you that some of them will come true, in fact we are already working on a few. We wish we could send everyone some tape, and we decided to give three instead of two this time.
The winners this time around are:
1. Shannon for her comment on TapeSwell: The Blog: "A few things I'd love to see:Craft-themed (scissors, needles, yarn, glue), Fleur de Lis, Vintage letters, More fun graphic flowers, Jingle bells, Robots, Cupcakes, Candy, Birthday cake, Candles, General birthday themed"
2. Jane Eileen for her comment on TapeSwell: The Blog:"I want clear tape with a row of staple, snaps, or hooks and eyes, so it looks like that's what's keeping a package shut. Some sew stitches would be cool, like it were sewn shut. I am also a fan of circle, circles, and more circles. A row of chocolates in their little paper cups? Cupcakes? And Clovers!"
3. Aggeliki Pagrati for her comment on TapeSwell's Fan Page on Facebook: "Some of the patterns I would like to see are: Damask designs in different colours.Anything vintage (maybe from old card postales or magazine ads).Owls (MANY!In many different colours and designs).Handwriting of famous quotes.Patterns of stitching in many different colours. Peacocks & peacock's feathers in a row. More and different lace designs.i think I could go on forever..."

Congratulations to the winners! Please email your address and tape selections of $20 value to info@tapeswell.com.
For those of you who did not win this time, we are planning many more surprises for 2010 and let's just say that it might be worthwhile to be following this blog. 
Next week we will be showcasing holiday ideas from our fans. If  you have a package that you want to share we would love to see it. Please email the images to tackyideas@tapeswell.com
And, yes, the best Tacky Ideas always get a prize! 
Till next week - Stick with us,
The TapeSwell Team 

We Want Your Ideas: A Holiday TapeSwell Giveaway

We are in a festive mood here at TapeSwell and we want to share the joy. We are giving away two prizes of $20.00 in TapeSwell decorative tape, mailing labels or envelope wraparounds of your choice. We also want to get some new ideas for tape patterns you'd like to see in 2010. 

To enter the giveaway, 
  • Post a comment on this blog post and tell us: What kind of TapeSwell patterns you'd like to see in 2010?
  • Also, post your idea on our fan page on Facebook - and it counts for a second entry
  • Re-Tweet about this giveaway and it counts as a third entry. Make sure you mention @TapeSwell so that we can find your tweet. 
The giveaway ends Friday, December 11, 2009 at 5 pm EST. The Winners are going to be selected randomly. Good luck!

Introducing Two New New Fun and Festive Holiday Patterns from TapeSwell

It is right about time to start packaging and wrapping those holiday gifts. Our new holiday patterns have special delivery written all over them, Bird of Peace and Partridge of Joy. They are truly a joyful addition to our existing holiday themed labels and decorative packing tape.

Joom Klangsin, a textile designer from Bangkok, designed these fabulous patterns. We love the nod to 60’s artist Charley Harper, a true originator who’s bird illustrations have found a whole new audience. Harper called his style minimal realism. He described his visions of nature this way: “I don’t try and put everything in, I try and leave everything out... I never count the feathers in the wings; I just count the wings." 

Joom shares his less-is-more philosophy with her clean lined, lovely, yet simple illustrations. We think Harper would approve.