And The TapeSwell Holiday Giveaway Winners are....

First, let us say a big THANKS to all of you who participated. It was amazing to read your ideas and we promise you that some of them will come true, in fact we are already working on a few. We wish we could send everyone some tape, and we decided to give three instead of two this time.
The winners this time around are:
1. Shannon for her comment on TapeSwell: The Blog: "A few things I'd love to see:Craft-themed (scissors, needles, yarn, glue), Fleur de Lis, Vintage letters, More fun graphic flowers, Jingle bells, Robots, Cupcakes, Candy, Birthday cake, Candles, General birthday themed"
2. Jane Eileen for her comment on TapeSwell: The Blog:"I want clear tape with a row of staple, snaps, or hooks and eyes, so it looks like that's what's keeping a package shut. Some sew stitches would be cool, like it were sewn shut. I am also a fan of circle, circles, and more circles. A row of chocolates in their little paper cups? Cupcakes? And Clovers!"
3. Aggeliki Pagrati for her comment on TapeSwell's Fan Page on Facebook: "Some of the patterns I would like to see are: Damask designs in different colours.Anything vintage (maybe from old card postales or magazine ads).Owls (MANY!In many different colours and designs).Handwriting of famous quotes.Patterns of stitching in many different colours. Peacocks & peacock's feathers in a row. More and different lace designs.i think I could go on forever..."

Congratulations to the winners! Please email your address and tape selections of $20 value to
For those of you who did not win this time, we are planning many more surprises for 2010 and let's just say that it might be worthwhile to be following this blog. 
Next week we will be showcasing holiday ideas from our fans. If  you have a package that you want to share we would love to see it. Please email the images to
And, yes, the best Tacky Ideas always get a prize! 
Till next week - Stick with us,
The TapeSwell Team 

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