Introducing Two New New Fun and Festive Holiday Patterns from TapeSwell

It is right about time to start packaging and wrapping those holiday gifts. Our new holiday patterns have special delivery written all over them, Bird of Peace and Partridge of Joy. They are truly a joyful addition to our existing holiday themed labels and decorative packing tape.

Joom Klangsin, a textile designer from Bangkok, designed these fabulous patterns. We love the nod to 60’s artist Charley Harper, a true originator who’s bird illustrations have found a whole new audience. Harper called his style minimal realism. He described his visions of nature this way: “I don’t try and put everything in, I try and leave everything out... I never count the feathers in the wings; I just count the wings." 

Joom shares his less-is-more philosophy with her clean lined, lovely, yet simple illustrations. We think Harper would approve. 


  1. Hi, I used the Partridge of Joy packing tape to create holiday cards. You can see them on my blog:

  2. Thanks Marija, the designs are lovely. We are going to publish them here as well.