Nine DIY Damask Wedding Ideas Using TapeSwell Damask Tape (Part 1)

Some of the biggest wedding trends are damask patterns, do-it-yourself decorations and budget wedding planning. Here's nine inspiring ideas how to use TapeSwell's Damask Tape for your budget-chic wedding planning, and they can work well for engagement parties or any DIY entertaining you might want to do.  
1. Napkin rings and place mats. These easy to make napkin rings will add a noticeable impression to the dinner table 
2. Homemade cookies as wedding favors. One of the best wedding trends this year is making your own wedding favors, like baking cookies, or making a meaningful keepsake. The damask pattern is brilliant for decorating goodies. (photos 2 through 4 styled and photographed by Keren from Free Pretty Things for You)
3. Dinner menu / monogramed bookmarks.
4. Black, white and red spells chic. These three colors work very well for weddings in the winter months - especially for February and March weddings. 
5. Damask votive candles. The beauty is in the details and these small votives make a powerful statement of elegance. (made and photographed by Bridget who is getting married in September. Congrats!)
6. Chinese takeout boxes for candy bar wedding favors. These takeout boxes are perfect for filling up with candy or mini chocolates. Making your own wedding favor boxes might be a lot of work, but it's a great opportunity for bonding with your maid of honor, your sister or your mom. (styled and photographed by Brittany and her Maid of Honor. Congrats to Brittany!)
7. Candle centerpiece. Candle centerpieces are a romantic way to decorate your wedding and adding patterns makes them light up with style.
8. Wedding planning book / Make your own guestbook. There is no reason why you shouldn't coordinate your wedding planning book with the rest of your wedding theme. Also, guestbooks can be expensive to purchase, but repurposing a nice notebook is very easy and budget friendly.
9. Don't forget the gifts for the wedding party!

Have  you been inspired? Let us know which of these ideas are your favorite.
Do you have your own ideas for DIY wedding decorations? Write your ideas in the comment box below, or submit your photos to tackyideas (at) and your creations might be featured on our blog.

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  1. I love the idea of using the tape to package homemade cookies and wrapping the votive candle holders

  2. Thank you TapeSwell!! Your Beautiful Line of Products makes it easy for us DIYers to make unforgettable crafts!

  3. just popped over from keren's blog! she really has great ideas. i didn't even know about tapeswell before.


  4. Love the damask tape!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (and also...your daughter is a very pretty team member/model :o)

  5. I actually bought white Chinese takeout boxes as favor boxes for our wedding guests! Our wedding is this July and our colors are red, black and white (of course using the black and white damask pattern!)I bought frosted votive candle holders, red candles and then wrapped the holders in a damask pattern. I bought a lot of the damask tape from and used this on the outside of the takeout boxes. So exciting to see that someone else also had this idea for their favor boxes! I can't wait to use this tape in other areas for the reception!

  6. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Please feel free to share photos of your TapeSwell projects with us! Just email them to tackyideas

  7. The number 2 wedding idea about cookies, is a very interesting one. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  8. Love the damask votive candles. Often votive candles are either very dull or a bit cheap looking. Your examples really look sophisticated.

  9. Koozies are amazing part favors, they are very famous wedding favors and are enjoyed by all.
    Thanks for your great ideas.

  10. Very cool ideas! All the ideas are great but I really love the napkin holders and place mats!

  11. Oh wow, I love all these ideas. It's so cool that you can make everything yourself and still make it all match - talk about a custom wedding!

  12. Those are really fabulous ideas! My cousin will be getting married this coming weekend and she even did the wedding invitation on her own. I think the Do-It-Yourself wedding decors will become a trend in years to come.

  13. How do you make the napkin rings? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  15. Upon seeing this ideas, I found out that damask tablecloths are one of the most elegant and sophisticated patterns out there for a gorgeous wedding reception table. Lovely setting!

    PS. I didn't even know the damask tape until I read this topic. Another new things stuff I learned from this site. Thanks!