Looking For Decorative Tape Art

We love seeing decorative tape in the hands of artists and the wonderful pieces that come to life. So we will be starting a series of posts dedicated to artists who use decorative tapes as art supplies in their artistic techniques, including card-making, collages, journals, etc.

If you'd like to be featured and share your creations with other decorative tape enthusiasts, please send an email at TackyIdeas @TapeSwell.com.

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Decorated Package of The Month - September

Decorated Package - September
Charleston Decorative Tape
One of our newer tape designs, Charleston, is wrapping the package of the month in September. The design makes an elegant statement in a very subtle tone. Some practical ideas come to mind: 
  • elegant packaging idea for a gift card,
  • packaging for handmade jewelry,
  • packaging for mini chocolates.
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Crafts Ideas For Kids Using Decorative Tape

Back to School Crafts
It's back to school time! We thought we'd share some craft ideas using decorative tape that could come handy as school projects or could be done just for fun.

Craft Idea #1: Make Like a Tree

Our Faux Bois, also known as Wood Grain Tape, loves to play pretend and to guest star in school plays, on cardboard or in notebooks. Always in the role of a tree. You could embellish with flowers, butterflies, birds, leaf medley, and really any of TapeSwell's nature-inspired patterns.

Craft Idea #2: Project Tapeaway
DIY Fashion Projects:
Damask Headband
DIY Fashion for Kids:
Decorative Tape Necklace

Play "Project Runway" and get the little designers to make clothes and accessories using old rags, cardboard and decorative tape. Organize a runway show with the creations. Take lots of pictures and post them to our Facebook page.

Framing Kids Art
Craft Idea #3: Put A Frame On It

Your kid's latest painting becomes art when you put a frame around it. The Baroque Frame Tape was designed specifically for this purpose. Display the masterpieces prominently and organize an art show: Invite your friends over to see the exhibition and let them know about your art-framing secret.

Have more craft ideas with packing tape? Feel free to comment and share them with all of us sticky tape lovers.
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