DIY Halloween Party Favor Bags

Some quick ideas on how to create coordinated Halloween party favors. Here we used the Black Lace Packing Tape on a plain brown paper bag and on a white takeout box to create a coordinating duo. Adding the orange details completes the evocative fall look. 

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Decorated Package of The Month - October

The gorgeous print of the black and clear florals of Bliss Packing Tape breathe life into a plain white box. 

DIY Damask Office Accessories

Turn blah into Voila! Add instant style to plain office accessories by adding damask decorative tape. Now you can have damask all over your office: Damask Pencil Cup, Damask Note Holder, Damask Paper Clip Holder, and even Damask Calculator.

Why stop there? Cover all your folders, notebooks and electronics. And that's our tacky idea for this week.

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Tape Art: Mixed Media Art

Some of the most fascinating "tacky ideas" we have seen include using our decorative tape in creating art. We will be featuring various artists and crafters who use tape in their creations. Submissions are welcome.

Kelly's Tape Addiction
Journal Entry Decorated With Pink Twig Tape
(Photo by Kelly Kilmer)
Kelly Kilmer, a mixed media artist and instructor for over 13 years and an avid connoisseur of decorative tape, has a simple way of defining her mixed media experience: “Art done from the heart using a variety of mediums and materials.” The form allows artists to stretch their imaginations and create collages, altered or handmade books, greeting cards, etc. Most of Kelly’s mixed media art is done in journal format and she describes her style as "always evolving."

Journal Entry with Flower Tape
(photo by Kelly Kilmer)
Kelly loves working with tape and its "inspirational color, texture and imagery." She likes to experiment and push the boundaries of the different materials and techniques she uses. Among many others, she teaches a course called Addicted to Tape at venues all over the United States. She also offers online mixed media art courses available around the world and around the clock.

Although decorative packing tape is not acid-free like most traditional scrapbooking and layering adhesives, Kelly puts priority on acting on her inspiration. "I don't worry about how archival things are (or aren't),” she says."I love the different looks that I can achieve layering tape on top of each other, on top of papers, etc."

Journal Page with Lyra Craft Envelope Wrap Tape
(photo by Kelly Kilmer)
Some of Kelly’s influences over the years include Corita Kent, Barron Storey, Dan Eldon, Shereen LaPlantz, as well as old films and animation and her students. Kelly began her affair with this art form when she tried to learn how to bind her own books. She is self-taught and she mostly finds inspiration in her husband and son by trying to see the world through their eyes.

To learn more about Kelly Kilmer and for a schedule for her upcoming lectures visit her Mixed Media Art blog.

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Brown and Blue DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Turquoise and Chocolate Favors in 6 Easy Steps:
You'll need: Plain Favor Boxes, Venetian Tape,
Candy, Ribbon, Pearl Hearts and Silicone Adhesive.

Blue and brown, or turquoise and chocolate, make such a gorgeous duet of wedding colors. It is a classic! (Could this become the new damask?) And making your own favors is a great way to bond with your mom, your sister or your bridesmaids.

Here's our take on making these fun do-it-yourself wedding favors in six easy steps:
1.  Find plain wedding favor boxes in silver or white;
2.  Stick our Venetian Packing Tape with turquoise, brown and plum on clear tape base to add detail to your wedding favors;
3.  Add your favorite candy or chocolates to fill the favor boxes;
4.  Add turquoise ribbon and get flat-back heart shaped pearls;
5.  Glue the pearls onto the ribbon using a silicone adhesive;
6.  Put it all together and voila! You have gorgeous wedding favors that have your own touch without spending a fortune.

Now you can think about making your own place tags or wedding programs in brown and blue. Share your ideas with us!

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