Brown and Blue DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Turquoise and Chocolate Favors in 6 Easy Steps:
You'll need: Plain Favor Boxes, Venetian Tape,
Candy, Ribbon, Pearl Hearts and Silicone Adhesive.

Blue and brown, or turquoise and chocolate, make such a gorgeous duet of wedding colors. It is a classic! (Could this become the new damask?) And making your own favors is a great way to bond with your mom, your sister or your bridesmaids.

Here's our take on making these fun do-it-yourself wedding favors in six easy steps:
1.  Find plain wedding favor boxes in silver or white;
2.  Stick our Venetian Packing Tape with turquoise, brown and plum on clear tape base to add detail to your wedding favors;
3.  Add your favorite candy or chocolates to fill the favor boxes;
4.  Add turquoise ribbon and get flat-back heart shaped pearls;
5.  Glue the pearls onto the ribbon using a silicone adhesive;
6.  Put it all together and voila! You have gorgeous wedding favors that have your own touch without spending a fortune.

Now you can think about making your own place tags or wedding programs in brown and blue. Share your ideas with us!

Till Next Time Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team


    1. This is really cute... Do you have pink and brown combination for my baby shower?

    2. HI Juliana, Thanks for the kind words.

      We do have Pink Paisley which can be combined with the Venetian tape


      Kat @ TapeSwell

    3. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing! My husband and I didn't make our stuff for our wedding - we just ordered some rubber bracelets, but I wish I'd seen this beforehand - I could have made it myself!

    4. Awesome! Creativity as its finest. I'm glad you've showcase your talent and apply it directly on your wedding.

    5. Great easy steps thanks for sharing with us. I'm going to ask my daughter to do this.

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