Holiday Gift Wrapping With TapeSwell

Pure and simple is how I like to keep it. Kraft paper, a white box, twine and pretty tape, nothing could be easier. 

As much as I love thoughtfully wrapped gifts, my idea of the materials that go into packaging have changed. Something to do with owning a decorative packing tape company I suppose. I have come to appreciate not only the clever repurposing of materials but also to seek out things that can work double duty. Less to keep track of, less to buy and well... like they say, sometimes less is more. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season. 

Till next time stick with us.

Eileen and The TapeSwell Team

Halloween Card Making Ideas

Our amazing crafter Jennifer came up with this Halloween Card. It is the result of a sketch challenge from Papercraft Star. I had no idea such challenges existed, but I am sure glad they do. Pure paper and craft embellishment eye candy! I feel just a little guilty that I have, in moments of weakness, bought greeting cards instead of making them.

To make this Halloween Card, Jennifer used several digital images from The House Across The Bay. I am so curious about the Liquid Glass product she used to give the cat, bat, spider and bug dimension. Looking forward to adding it to my own bag of tricks. The base for all the fun and flourish is our own Damask decorative tape. For more do-it-yourself Halloween crafts, check out Jennifer's blog.

Happy Halloween and Till Next Time - Stick with Us.

Eileen & The TapeSwell Team

DIY Party Decorations With Decorative Tape

Do-it-yourself party decorations are a great way to throw a party that is absolutely unique. Here are some ideas for DIY party decorations that are not only easy to make but also a blast to put together with kids and friends.
DIY Party Decorations with Decorative Tape:
Celebrate Banner, Party Centerpiece,  DIY Party Hats, Cupcake Tray.
Our new Stem and Burst patterns on white tape stock are so chic and cheerful! Not that we want to be too matchy matchy, but these two decorative tape patterns make such a fun combination that we could not resist. We started with the invite and went from there: party hats, banners, cupcake toppers, cupcake boxes. Even the centerpiece got a little lovelier with the decorated floral box.
DIY Party Invite and Decorated Cupcake Boxes
Made with Stem & Burst Tape
DIY Cupcake Toppers made with Decorative Tapes 

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Retro Flower and Crosshatch Card and Gift Box

Whenever we choose new designs for our decorative tapes we're think of all the fun ways they can be used to create crafts as well as decorate parcels.

Here are two of our newest patterns, Retro Flower and Crosshatch. The mellow grey and and mustard yellow are fresh and fun and look especially great on white boxes or white card stock.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Damask Wedding Programs

Here's an idea for setting an elegant and dramatic tone for your wedding. Create your own Damask Wedding Programs by adding one of our damask tapes to folded card stock and a paper ribbon for your accent color.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

DIY Damask Wedding Favors

These lovely damask wedding favors are great for adding that extra personal touch to your wedding crafts and they make a lovely keepsake for your guests. Here we created damask favor boxes in the shape of matchbox favors filled with chocolate dipped espresso beans.

For more damask ideas check out our other blog posts.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

DIY Damask Wedding Invitation and RSVP Card

Making your own damask wedding invitations has never been easier. We used black damask decorative tape and free printable wedding invitations from e.m. papers for these simple and elegant DIY wedding invitations. Of course the wedding invitation ensemble is not complete without an RSVP card, again from e.m. papers.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Damask Save-The-Date Card

This lovely Damask Save the Date Card was created using the free printable wedding correspondence set from e.m. papers and decorative tape in damask patternOur thanks to Eleanor, who let us use the lovely printable wedding stationery of e.m. papers.

Damask Save The Date Card
This the first of our new blog posts series, we would like to call Wedding Wednesdays. We will feature do-it-yourself wedding crafts made with TapeSwell decorative tape. As always, we are open to your ideas and submissions.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Introducing The Cityscape Decorative Tape, A Talented Illustrator & A Cute Pencil Jar

Photos Courtesy of Dinara Mirtalipova, Illustrator and Blogger
Cityscape, already one of the favorites from our new tape patterns, was designed by Dinara Mirtalipova, a very talented illustrator and blogger from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Dinara noticed that she did way too much doodling, painting, sketching and drawing, while she was studying computer science in Usbekistan.  She eventually moved to the US and turned her passion into a profession.

"I like illustrating my everyday life - my kitchen, my cat, beautiful flowers, cities that I've been to or places that I'd love to visit," she says, "Since I just had my little daughter, she became my biggest influence... She inspires me to design and draw for her, to find those old children's books I grew up with and re-read them. She makes me sing for her and remember those old songs my mom used to sing for me and I just can't wait to see what fun we're going to have when she gets older!"

Dinara had been wanting to create the Cityscape tape for a while. She likes the endless possibilities of decorative packing tape.

"You can decorate pretty much anything with a cute tape pattern - starting from pencil jars to picture frames, mirrors, recycled totes and even bedroom walls," she says, "I use this tape to decorate parcels for my Etsy shoppers - it is always more exciting when you receive in mail a package that is nicely wrapped and decorated," she adds.

To learn more about this young artist visit her blog and her Etsy shop.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

10 New Patterns & 4 New Coordinated Combos

After months of hard work and careful planning, here they are, The 10 New Tape Designs: (From top left)
Burst, Stem, Pink Damask, Brown Damask, Retro Flower, Crosshatch,
Fleur De Lis, Cityscape, Attic Floral
and Old Script Tape.
We are sooo excited to share our new patterns with you. We tried to include something for everyone's taste and yes, some of these came from your ideas!

So tell us: Which one is your favorite? Comment here after the blog post or on Facebook, or Tweet about it and use the #NEWpatterns hashtag.

Till Next Time - Stick With Our New Tapes,

The TapeSwell Team

How To Always Find Your Luggage On The Baggage Carousel

Decorate Your Suitcase With Decorative Tape
And Always Find Your Luggage at The Carousel
Don't you hate it when the last thing that keeps you from exiting the airport and starting your vacation is getting your bags. Finding your luggage after a long flight can be such drag, especially since all the suitcases look the same. So why not pick your favorite decorative tape pattern and wrap it around your baggage. You'll get a pretty suitcase and you'll be able to find it as soon as it appears at the luggage carousel.

This is one of the most brilliant decorative tape ideas we've received and it came from Karis, a mixed media artist (check out her handmade book shop on Etsy) and blogger at Sparkleblue Faery

"I had been absolutely sick of always having to wait forever at the baggage claim and check ten zillion red suitcases to see if they were mine," she says, "I hated seeing a bag, thinking, yay!  That's it, I can finally get out of this airport! and then only to be disappointed when I discovered it wasn't mine. Since I decorated my suitcase with your packing tape, this has not been an issue at all.  It was remarkably easy to spot my suitcase immediately as soon as it came out."

Karis says that the tape has been holding up pretty well, although it needed some reinforcement with glue and some clear packing tape. "It's been over a year since I've made it and the suitcase decor has held up very well, including on an international trip," she adds. Read her full instructions for decorating a suitcase with TapeSwell tape

And don't be shy to share your tacky ideas with us.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

The Winners of The Cat or Dog Giveaway Are:

Jenn Bairos said… “Both really (I love dog and cat sitting for my parents), but I love love love our kitten Lily that we adopted from a high-kill shelter last December ;)”

Karenlee said… “Dogs, dogs, and more dogs! I do volunteer work with cocker spaniels and would love having this tape.”

Liz Senteney “OMG I HAVE WANTED THIS TAPE FOREVER!! I saw it in a Winter dog magazine and have pined over it ever since. It's PERFECT to pack my orders from my Etsy shop, because most of what I sell is dog lovers stuff! I want this SO bad!!”

Michelle said… “I'm on "team dog" all the way,we adopted our dog rusty 3 years ago. He is a 14 lb min pin / terrier (manchester or jack russell) mix. He gets to come to work with me, his favorite stop is when we go to the bank and he gets milk bones at the drive thru!”

Stephanie Rodriguez “Luv my pooch chuck chuck. I would luv to win your fab tape. Luv ya tape swell”

Thanks for all of your entries. 

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Are You a Cat or a Dog Person?

We love our pets and treat them as a part of our families. So we were wondering are TapeSwell's fans more into dogs or cats?

Here's our new giveaway. Write if you are a cat or a dog person. Feel free to share a funny story about your pets. What do you like most about him? What is her personality like?

  • Write a comment below for a chance to win a roll of Cat Nap or Dog Walk Decorative Packing Tape. 
  • Post on the TapeSwell Facebook Page
  • Tweet about it - use hashtag #CATorDOG
  • and let your friends know for more chances to win.

The giveaway is open until May 25, 2011 at 5 pm. The results will be up on May 26.

Damask Place Cards - DIY Wedding Crafts with TapeSwell

Catherine, the new Duchess of Cambridge, reinforced the do-it-yourself wedding trend by doing her own make-up for the recent Royal Wedding. But why stop there? In the next few weeks we will share more damask wedding ideas made with TapeSwell's damask tape.

These damask place cards created with our black damask tape and personalized for each guest can add that extra attention to detail that will make your special day more memorable. Simple and easy to create black and white damask place cards can add style and elegance to any special occasion really. 
Black Damask Place Cards
Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Happy Birthday TapeSwell

We are celebrating our second birthday!
Two years full of fun patterns, clever crafts and wonderful people went by so fast! Thanks to all of you who support and love TapeSwell.

Lady Gaga Tape Dress

When Lady Gaga placed a custom printed tape order to promote her upcoming concert tour this was what I envisioned. Not sure she will but, I can dream can't I?

I have probably spent too many hours watching Project Runway. This tape dress was so fun and easy to make I couldn't resist. I added TapeSwell's Black Dot and White Dot Tapes for a chic effect.

Celebrity custom printed tape seems to be on the rise. Last year we printed some M.I.A. tape. I wonder which star will be next?

Till Next Time
- Stick With Us,

Eileen @ TapeSwell

Amy Sedaris To Write About Tacky Ideas with Decorative Tape

We are so psyched: TapeSwell just signed Amy Sedaris to write a book showcasing Tacky Ideas with Decorative Tape! We have been huge fans of Amy Sedaris. We love her joyfully peculiar sense of humor. She is a great fit for TapeSwell.
Amy Sedaris posing with rolls of
 TapeSwell Decorative Packing Tape
No, not really. April Fools'! But this photo is real: Amy was in Boston recently doing a reading from her new her book, Simple Times, Crafting for Poor People. The ‘manual’ is funny, crude, colorful and totally over the top with crafts like macaroni alien masks and doll wig doorknob covers.

She really grabbed our attention when, in an interview, Amy said her packing tape would be THE crafting supply she would take with her in case of fire. “I love working with packing tape, it just makes everything prettier and shinier, it’s like laminating,” she says.

It was great to meet a kindred spirit. And who knows, one day we might get her to write about our Tacky Ideas.

You can see Amy in action on the (PG Rated) Amy Sedaris YouTube Channel.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

St. Patrick's Day Crafts - Paper Hat

St. Patrick's Day Crafts: Paper Hat
You don't have to be Irish to appreciate St. Patrick's Day. If there's an opportunity to get creative with St. Patrick's Day Crafts, we are in! Also, any excuse to dress in bright green and wear a silly hat works for us. Speaking of Leprechaun hats, here's one made of a round box, green paper and our Scroll Decorative tape.

  1. Start with a plain round paper mache box. 
  2. Cut a piece of chipboard into a circle. 
  3. Use modge podge glue to add lighter and darker green paper to both sides. 
  4. Trim away the excess then use more modge podge glue to add it to the box lid. 
  5. Add Green scroll decorative tape
  6. Flip it upside down it's now a "hat"
  7. Add clover inspired cutouts of yellow card-stock, stamped with good wishes
  8. Garnish with gold chocolate coins
Till Next Time,

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Taking a Little Break

We are taking a little time off to recharge our batteries. In the mean time, the orders received until Feb. 28 will receive a complimentary roll for the delayed shipping.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from The TapeSwell Team

Valentines Card Making Ideas With Black Damask Tape

Some more Valentines Crafts and card making ideas this time with Black Damask Tape, simple to make - beautiful to look at.

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

One thing that I love about the new Red Damask pattern is that I can match up the pattern like wallpaper. It's so fabulous as a single strip, but look how lovely it looks when lined up. 

Another feature I love is that it is clear tape, which enables you to see another background color. I think the Red Damask on pink card stock is so flirty. While the Red Damask on red card stock is so bold and elegant.

To make the cards: 
  • Start with a white A2 size card (4 1/4 x 5 1/2). 
  • Add a strip of tape, line up pattern and another strip. 
  • Next, add tape to colored card stock that is much wider than your card. 
  • Line up the pattern and adhere to card base. Trim the excess away. 
  • To embellish add ribbon and rhinestones.
Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

Jennifer from The TapeSwell Team

The Winners of The Tape Designs Giveaway Are...

Mary Anne, who commented on our blog:
"I'd like to see something in an old fashioned (antiqued beige/brown) ruler, antique typeset letters and numbers, and architectural designs...columns, arches, bridges, skylines, etc. Loft colors (black, red, white, yellow, grays, burgundy, etc.)"

Laura Achilles, who said "I love ledger so I'd love to see some ledger tape!"

T.A. Guzman posted on our Facebook page: "Scripts, colors, animals...more detailed suggestions left on blog."

Congrats to the winners! Please email us at to collect your prize.

We got some great ideas from all of you! It seems like scripts are very much in style (hint, hint :)

We do have a 20% off coupon that is valid through February. The coupon code is LOVE11. 

Till Next Time - Stick with Us,

The TapeSwell Team

p.s. Stick around tomorrow for Jennifer's V-day Card post.

Red Damask Box With A Handmade Ribbon

Red Damask Box with a Handmade Ribbon
  • The damask bow can be made from plain copy paper, cut lengthwise into strips. 
  • Tape the paper strips together back to back to 33 inches long.
  • Cut away the excess paper from the sides of the strip and carefully line up the tape to cover the other side. 
  • Wrap a circle around your thumb and loop it back and forth until you run out of "ribbon." 
  • Staple it together and put some score tape on it so it could be placed on the box.
Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Homemade Valentines Boxes

There's something special about handmade Valentine Gifts. They really let your Valentine know you care. In the next few posts we are share with you tips and techniques for DIY V-day crafts, made by Jennifer @ TapeSwell.

Heart-Shaped Valentine Box with Red Damask Decorative Tape:

The heart-shaped box is made of a plain kraft paper box, with the bottom piece painted white.

  • Bottom: Start the tape on the bottom, in the center of the top "V" to conceal the seam and wrap the tape around the entire heart shape. Line up the pattern and add a second piece of tape. Fold down the excess tape over the inside edge of the box. 
  • Lid: First, use a red marker to color the edges in case the paper shows through. Next, glue red card stock to the band and try to line up the pattern and add the tape starting in the "V".
  • For the top: Stick the tape on red and white card stock and cut it into strips. Weave the paper and glue it together. Position the square woven paper on the box and glue it into place. Use a razor to cut away the excess paper.
Tomorrow read how to make the ribbon for the square box.

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Valentine Craft Ideas with Red Damask Tape

We are officially obsessed with our newest tape, Red Damask, so we decided we had to come up with Valentine Craft Ideas. In the next few days we will post a few Valentine's Day crafts ideas to inspire you. We will also post step by step guides on how to make some of these handmade crafts.
We invited Jennifer, the winner of our December Giveaway, to join The TapeSwell Team and to help us come up with gorgeous diy crafts projects. She shares with us the love for art, making crafts, as well as our appreciation for pretty packages to highlight the surprise inside. Welcome Jennifer!

Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Tape Design Ideas - A TapeSwell Giveaway

Check out our first new tape design
this year: 
Red Damask. 
Dear TapeSwell Fans, 
As we are planning the new tape designs for 2011, we'd like to hear from you as well. What new TapeSwell patterns would you like to see this year? To motivate you even more, we are giving away 3 x $20 TapeSwell Gift CardsTo enter:
  1. Comment on our Decorative Tape in Action blog
  2. Comment or Upload Photos on our TapeSwell's Facebook Page
  3. Tweet, but make sure to include @TapeSwell
  4. Comment on the TapeSwell YouTube Channel
  5. All of the above, each different channel counts as an entry.
The giveaway will be open until February 2, 2011. We'll pick the winners by random drawing and announce them on Feb. 5, 2011. 

Good luck!

Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

TapeSwell's Eileen Eisele Featured in Victoria Magazine

If you haven't picked up the special entrepreneur issue of Victoria Magazine you should. Our very own Eileen Eisele is featured among other successful women entrepreneurs in The Business of Bliss feature by Jeanne Delathouder.

On a Roll
"With knack for making things look picturperfectstylisEileen Eisele 
used her visual talentto reinvent packing tapone of thmost useful ye
lackluster tools of her trade. Todayhecatchy decorative tapes are widely 
popular, and hecompany TapeSwell, is anything but ordinary...."

Gift Packing Ideas - January

Here's the first of our Gift Packing Ideas for the year:

Clothing gifts are notoriously hard to pack, especially if you've ordered them online. Here's an easy way to pack a soft shipment using Damask Packing Tape, Tassel Tape and Scroll Mailing Label.

Till Next Time, Stick With Us!

The TapeSwell Team