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We are taking a little time off to recharge our batteries. In the mean time, the orders received until Feb. 28 will receive a complimentary roll for the delayed shipping.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from The TapeSwell Team

Valentines Card Making Ideas With Black Damask Tape

Some more Valentines Crafts and card making ideas this time with Black Damask Tape, simple to make - beautiful to look at.

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

One thing that I love about the new Red Damask pattern is that I can match up the pattern like wallpaper. It's so fabulous as a single strip, but look how lovely it looks when lined up. 

Another feature I love is that it is clear tape, which enables you to see another background color. I think the Red Damask on pink card stock is so flirty. While the Red Damask on red card stock is so bold and elegant.

To make the cards: 
  • Start with a white A2 size card (4 1/4 x 5 1/2). 
  • Add a strip of tape, line up pattern and another strip. 
  • Next, add tape to colored card stock that is much wider than your card. 
  • Line up the pattern and adhere to card base. Trim the excess away. 
  • To embellish add ribbon and rhinestones.
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The Winners of The Tape Designs Giveaway Are...

Mary Anne, who commented on our blog:
"I'd like to see something in an old fashioned (antiqued beige/brown) ruler, antique typeset letters and numbers, and architectural designs...columns, arches, bridges, skylines, etc. Loft colors (black, red, white, yellow, grays, burgundy, etc.)"

Laura Achilles, who said "I love ledger so I'd love to see some ledger tape!"

T.A. Guzman posted on our Facebook page: "Scripts, colors, animals...more detailed suggestions left on blog."

Congrats to the winners! Please email us at info@tapeswell.com to collect your prize.

We got some great ideas from all of you! It seems like scripts are very much in style (hint, hint :)

We do have a 20% off coupon that is valid through February. The coupon code is LOVE11. 

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p.s. Stick around tomorrow for Jennifer's V-day Card post.

Red Damask Box With A Handmade Ribbon

Red Damask Box with a Handmade Ribbon
  • The damask bow can be made from plain copy paper, cut lengthwise into strips. 
  • Tape the paper strips together back to back to 33 inches long.
  • Cut away the excess paper from the sides of the strip and carefully line up the tape to cover the other side. 
  • Wrap a circle around your thumb and loop it back and forth until you run out of "ribbon." 
  • Staple it together and put some score tape on it so it could be placed on the box.
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Homemade Valentines Boxes

There's something special about handmade Valentine Gifts. They really let your Valentine know you care. In the next few posts we are share with you tips and techniques for DIY V-day crafts, made by Jennifer @ TapeSwell.

Heart-Shaped Valentine Box with Red Damask Decorative Tape:

The heart-shaped box is made of a plain kraft paper box, with the bottom piece painted white.

  • Bottom: Start the tape on the bottom, in the center of the top "V" to conceal the seam and wrap the tape around the entire heart shape. Line up the pattern and add a second piece of tape. Fold down the excess tape over the inside edge of the box. 
  • Lid: First, use a red marker to color the edges in case the paper shows through. Next, glue red card stock to the band and try to line up the pattern and add the tape starting in the "V".
  • For the top: Stick the tape on red and white card stock and cut it into strips. Weave the paper and glue it together. Position the square woven paper on the box and glue it into place. Use a razor to cut away the excess paper.
Tomorrow read how to make the ribbon for the square box.

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Valentine Craft Ideas with Red Damask Tape

We are officially obsessed with our newest tape, Red Damask, so we decided we had to come up with Valentine Craft Ideas. In the next few days we will post a few Valentine's Day crafts ideas to inspire you. We will also post step by step guides on how to make some of these handmade crafts.
We invited Jennifer, the winner of our December Giveaway, to join The TapeSwell Team and to help us come up with gorgeous diy crafts projects. She shares with us the love for art, making crafts, as well as our appreciation for pretty packages to highlight the surprise inside. Welcome Jennifer!

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