Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

One thing that I love about the new Red Damask pattern is that I can match up the pattern like wallpaper. It's so fabulous as a single strip, but look how lovely it looks when lined up. 

Another feature I love is that it is clear tape, which enables you to see another background color. I think the Red Damask on pink card stock is so flirty. While the Red Damask on red card stock is so bold and elegant.

To make the cards: 
  • Start with a white A2 size card (4 1/4 x 5 1/2). 
  • Add a strip of tape, line up pattern and another strip. 
  • Next, add tape to colored card stock that is much wider than your card. 
  • Line up the pattern and adhere to card base. Trim the excess away. 
  • To embellish add ribbon and rhinestones.
Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

Jennifer from The TapeSwell Team


  1. These are so cute! The red damask looks really nice, perfect for Valentines Day =)

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