DIY Damask Wedding Invitation and RSVP Card

Making your own damask wedding invitations has never been easier. We used black damask decorative tape and free printable wedding invitations from e.m. papers for these simple and elegant DIY wedding invitations. Of course the wedding invitation ensemble is not complete without an RSVP card, again from e.m. papers.

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Damask Save-The-Date Card

This lovely Damask Save the Date Card was created using the free printable wedding correspondence set from e.m. papers and decorative tape in damask patternOur thanks to Eleanor, who let us use the lovely printable wedding stationery of e.m. papers.

Damask Save The Date Card
This the first of our new blog posts series, we would like to call Wedding Wednesdays. We will feature do-it-yourself wedding crafts made with TapeSwell decorative tape. As always, we are open to your ideas and submissions.

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Introducing The Cityscape Decorative Tape, A Talented Illustrator & A Cute Pencil Jar

Photos Courtesy of Dinara Mirtalipova, Illustrator and Blogger
Cityscape, already one of the favorites from our new tape patterns, was designed by Dinara Mirtalipova, a very talented illustrator and blogger from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Dinara noticed that she did way too much doodling, painting, sketching and drawing, while she was studying computer science in Usbekistan.  She eventually moved to the US and turned her passion into a profession.

"I like illustrating my everyday life - my kitchen, my cat, beautiful flowers, cities that I've been to or places that I'd love to visit," she says, "Since I just had my little daughter, she became my biggest influence... She inspires me to design and draw for her, to find those old children's books I grew up with and re-read them. She makes me sing for her and remember those old songs my mom used to sing for me and I just can't wait to see what fun we're going to have when she gets older!"

Dinara had been wanting to create the Cityscape tape for a while. She likes the endless possibilities of decorative packing tape.

"You can decorate pretty much anything with a cute tape pattern - starting from pencil jars to picture frames, mirrors, recycled totes and even bedroom walls," she says, "I use this tape to decorate parcels for my Etsy shoppers - it is always more exciting when you receive in mail a package that is nicely wrapped and decorated," she adds.

To learn more about this young artist visit her blog and her Etsy shop.

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10 New Patterns & 4 New Coordinated Combos

After months of hard work and careful planning, here they are, The 10 New Tape Designs: (From top left)
Burst, Stem, Pink Damask, Brown Damask, Retro Flower, Crosshatch,
Fleur De Lis, Cityscape, Attic Floral
and Old Script Tape.
We are sooo excited to share our new patterns with you. We tried to include something for everyone's taste and yes, some of these came from your ideas!

So tell us: Which one is your favorite? Comment here after the blog post or on Facebook, or Tweet about it and use the #NEWpatterns hashtag.

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How To Always Find Your Luggage On The Baggage Carousel

Decorate Your Suitcase With Decorative Tape
And Always Find Your Luggage at The Carousel
Don't you hate it when the last thing that keeps you from exiting the airport and starting your vacation is getting your bags. Finding your luggage after a long flight can be such drag, especially since all the suitcases look the same. So why not pick your favorite decorative tape pattern and wrap it around your baggage. You'll get a pretty suitcase and you'll be able to find it as soon as it appears at the luggage carousel.

This is one of the most brilliant decorative tape ideas we've received and it came from Karis, a mixed media artist (check out her handmade book shop on Etsy) and blogger at Sparkleblue Faery

"I had been absolutely sick of always having to wait forever at the baggage claim and check ten zillion red suitcases to see if they were mine," she says, "I hated seeing a bag, thinking, yay!  That's it, I can finally get out of this airport! and then only to be disappointed when I discovered it wasn't mine. Since I decorated my suitcase with your packing tape, this has not been an issue at all.  It was remarkably easy to spot my suitcase immediately as soon as it came out."

Karis says that the tape has been holding up pretty well, although it needed some reinforcement with glue and some clear packing tape. "It's been over a year since I've made it and the suitcase decor has held up very well, including on an international trip," she adds. Read her full instructions for decorating a suitcase with TapeSwell tape

And don't be shy to share your tacky ideas with us.

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