How To Always Find Your Luggage On The Baggage Carousel

Decorate Your Suitcase With Decorative Tape
And Always Find Your Luggage at The Carousel
Don't you hate it when the last thing that keeps you from exiting the airport and starting your vacation is getting your bags. Finding your luggage after a long flight can be such drag, especially since all the suitcases look the same. So why not pick your favorite decorative tape pattern and wrap it around your baggage. You'll get a pretty suitcase and you'll be able to find it as soon as it appears at the luggage carousel.

This is one of the most brilliant decorative tape ideas we've received and it came from Karis, a mixed media artist (check out her handmade book shop on Etsy) and blogger at Sparkleblue Faery

"I had been absolutely sick of always having to wait forever at the baggage claim and check ten zillion red suitcases to see if they were mine," she says, "I hated seeing a bag, thinking, yay!  That's it, I can finally get out of this airport! and then only to be disappointed when I discovered it wasn't mine. Since I decorated my suitcase with your packing tape, this has not been an issue at all.  It was remarkably easy to spot my suitcase immediately as soon as it came out."

Karis says that the tape has been holding up pretty well, although it needed some reinforcement with glue and some clear packing tape. "It's been over a year since I've made it and the suitcase decor has held up very well, including on an international trip," she adds. Read her full instructions for decorating a suitcase with TapeSwell tape

And don't be shy to share your tacky ideas with us.

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  1. Such a neat idea about marking your own luggage. Thanks for sharing!!

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