DIY Halloween Decorations - Packing Tape Body Cast

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to make your own scary halloween props, such as a spooky headless packing tape body cast. Typically done with just clear packing tape, we spiced it up a bit by adding black lace and pink damask TapeSwell decorative packing tape. Body casting is fun, easy and a great craft to do with kids, just make sure they snacked before you start.

1. Start with a willing subject (thank you Lia!) and saran wrap. It is best to have two people to do the wrapping, extra sets of hands really help with the unruly nature of plastic wrap and tape. Try to wrap the sheets of saran wrap as smoothly as possible around your subject. It took two of us about 20 minutes to wrap Lia from head to toe. If you don't have time to do a whole body a leg or an arm works too.

2. Make sure to cover your subject fully in saran wrap. Any exposed skin will results in a serious ouchy moment when you get to the taping part.

3. Use clear packing tape and cover your subject completely in small strips. Its best to have several lengths of tape cut and ready to go. Make sure not to wrap the tape too tightly around your subject. We used less than a roll of tape on Lia. Use TapeSwell black lace tape to accent the neckline and create a bodice and skirt.

4. Carefully, and I mean carefully, cut the cast off your subject. Try to cut from under the arms, legs and from the back. Once the cast is fully removed start from the legs and work your way up, patching up cuts with small pieces of the clear packing tape. The cast will look a bit floppy but fear not, when finished patching she will be as good as new. You can use your hand to smooth the form from the inside helping to keep the shape of the body sculpture smooth and intact.

5. Completed tape body cast of Lia, ready to frighten all tricker treaters that dare to knock on our door.

Vintage White Lace Tape and Doily Label

I found this graceful vintage white bobbin lace trim on ebay. The remnant just screamed out to me: "Make me into packing tape, I will not disappoint!" 

I love the idea of printing such a girly pattern on something thought of as rugged and utilitarian. It is truly unexpected and not to mention a lot let us expensive than the real thing.

Of course while I was at it there needed to be mailing labels with the same delicate feel. These were designed by the amazing Trina Dalziel from Lila Rodgers studio of fabulous artists.

'Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

Eileen & The TapeSwell Team

Bow Tape for Your Special Deliveries

What is it about black and white that is timelessly fresh? Colors come and go (I still shiver at the site of mauve) but, B and W never goes out of style. Our new ribbon tape adds a big and bold statement to any craft project or special delivery.

'Till Next Time - Stick With Us,

The TapeSwell Team

Handmade Welcome Card With Cityscape

Summer in New England is the best. People are out and about and linger longer than in the cold grey months of winter. Summer is also the time to move apparently, as evidenced by the very large moving trucks that have descended upon our neighborhood. 

Since it is too hot to bake cookies, I have created this little "Welcome to the Neighborhood" card with Cityscape tape to welcome newcomers. The Cityscape pattern is on transparent tape so it is just begging to be colored in with markers. The front of the card and flap are just small swatches right off the roll.

Till Next Time - Enjoy Your Summer and Stick With Us,

Eileen and The TapeSwell Team

Fleur de Lis Crafts

I don't know about you but before I tackle the boring have-to's of my day I will make any excuse to get crafty. This project is a great way to delay the tasks at hand and be productive at the same time. All you need is a can of black spray paint and our Fleurs de Lis tape and storage containers of your choice. Besides being the symbol for French royalty, fleur de lis also means flower of the lily or lotus. 

Now that my desk accessories are perfectly coordinated I can get some work done in my très organized office.

Until next time - stick with us,

Eileen at TapeSwell

DIY Cake Stand Decorations

Our amazing crafter Jennifer totally surprised us with this one: She handcrafted the cake stand and covered it in our Attic Floral decorative packing tape and recycled glass pebbles. Just the right amount of sparkle and shine. Now we just need to get baking, but for now pears will have to do.

Till next time - Stick with us,

The TapeSwell Team

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our fabulous crafter Jennifer made this Valentine's Day card for her son Parker.  She used Stampin Up! heart shaped treat cups filled with red M and M's to make it that much sweeter. Once the red tab is pulled, the candy tumbles out. She used Pink Damask tape to create the background and alphabet die cut letters from Lifestyle Crafts for the 'I Love You.'

Till Next Time - Stick With Love,

The TapeSwell Team

Brown and Red Damask Centerpieces

As it happens we haven't seen much of the white stuff here in Boston. All the more reason to make snowy centerpieces out of Brown Damask and Cranberry Red Damask tape. Clear glass containers with straight sides work best for this project. Our Damask patterns which are all on transparent tape stock work best with a more solid vase filler like the powdery snow we used but the sky's the limit with ideas.

Till Next Time - Stick With Love,

The TapeSwell Team