Handmade Welcome Card With Cityscape

Summer in New England is the best. People are out and about and linger longer than in the cold grey months of winter. Summer is also the time to move apparently, as evidenced by the very large moving trucks that have descended upon our neighborhood. 

Since it is too hot to bake cookies, I have created this little "Welcome to the Neighborhood" card with Cityscape tape to welcome newcomers. The Cityscape pattern is on transparent tape so it is just begging to be colored in with markers. The front of the card and flap are just small swatches right off the roll.

Till Next Time - Enjoy Your Summer and Stick With Us,

Eileen and The TapeSwell Team


  1. Cute. Color with what so that it doesn't smudge?


  2. I used Copic markers to color the tape. I would imagine any other alcohol based markers like Sharpie would work just fine too. I hope that helps :)
    Kindest regards,

  3. I'm SO glad to see this post! :-))) It melts my heart! :-)))