Duct Tape and Packing Tape, a Dynamic Duo.

TapeSwell decorative packing tape always seems to get confused for duct tape. 

Duct or duck tape is commonly used in situations that require a thick fiber backed adhesive tape. It was invented in 1942 by Johnson and Johnson and was the first of its kind to have a cotton "duck" cloth backing. The fabric backing makes it perfect for projects that require heft, like prom dresses and wallets. It has re-purposed itself into a whole crafting movement. 

Our tape by contrast is thinner, more flexible and less expensive per foot. It is packing tape (technically polypropylene tape) which has also been re-purposed. 

Being a pacifist at heart I got to thinking why can't we get along and instead of either or why not both? I ordered this denim duct tape clutch from Etsy and accented it with TapeSwell vintage white lace transparent tape

I'd say we've reached a truce.

'Till next time - stick with us,

Eileen @ TapeSwell